One company wants to attack another by expanding into its market.  The new products they create will include variants on what the company being attacked makes.  The hope is that these blended product concepts will be familiar enough to people that it will lure them away from what they are currently using.

If Company A makes product X and Company B makes product Y and Company A is now offering an XY product, there is a hurdle that needs to be overcome:  the consumer may perceive that Company A only makes X products.  The XY variant may not resonate with Company A’s current customer base.  It doesn’t make sense

The tricky thing about innovation and developing new products is figuring out if your new ideas will stick.  Before proceeding down the path of creating new products you can ask yourself a few questions:  Why does this matter?  What problem is being solved?  Beyond the bottom line, how is this improving the lives of others?   Who benefits?

This approach may not make you money at first, but you will be able to create a product or service that appeals to a real human need.  For a consumer, you can’t ask for much more than that.

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