Connecting ideas

Sticking with it

It is often necessary to connect disparate ideas. For example, an engineer might need to connect concepts from physics and mathematics in order to design a new type of bridge. A writer might need to connect seemingly unrelated ideas in order to create a new piece of fiction. And a politician might need to connect different groups of people in … Read More

Pushing the envelope

pushing the envelope

“Pushing the envelope” is a phrase that originated in the early days of aviation. At that time, pilots were constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible, and their progress was often constrained by the limitations of their aircraft. Over time, the phrase came to be used more broadly to describe anyone who is pushing the boundaries of what is … Read More

Growth that can’t be forced

growth that can't be forced

There’s something special about organic growth. Whether it’s a plant slowly reaching for the sun or a business steadily expanding its customer base, organic growth is a process that can’t be forced. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of hard work. But the rewards are more than worth the effort. When something grows organically, it has a solid … Read More