On standing out

yards park at night

One of the fastest growing neighborhood’s in Washington, DC is in the Navy Yard area.  It’s known locally as Yards Park and is close to the stadiums for the Nationals and DC United.  The restaurants and shops are good to visit but the public spaces are what brings this area to life. There are wading pools, tiered grass steps, several … Read More

Growth means change

plant growing in rocks

Many people are comfortable talking about growth, but not what it takes to make it happen. Thinking differently, exploring new ideas, and working through failure is part of the process. The comfort of the known can hold you back if you aren’t at ease with not knowing what will happen next. Do you pivot?  When?  What is the financial impact?  … Read More

Choosing simplicity

city at night

Concrete, glass, cars, trucks, garage, offices, buildings, stairs, ramps, roads, highways, signs, water, ponds, lights, transparency, and reflections. Urban environments are complex. Winston Churchill said, “we shape our buildings and they shape us.” However, keeping things simple is a choice that you can make every day. [Photo: Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia]