Are you listening?

Here’s the simple truth: Your people know. They’re in the trenches, every day, doing the work, learning the ropes, discovering what ticks and what doesn’t. That’s the power of the collective… the collective wisdom, that is. The question is, however, are you listening?

Effecting change with small steps

I don’t consider myself a natural leader, natural salesman, or a natural innovator. However, I’ve figured out how to make it work. Over time, I’ve found myself in positions of increasing authority and responsibility. Not because I’m charismatic, or have the ability to command people effectively. The reality is that I’m good at spotting what needs to be changed, and … Read More

How a Mantra of Service Drives Business Innovation and Growth

Everything I learned about service started with my first job working at a grocery store during summers and holidays while I was in high school. The store’s mantra was providing “fast, friendly service”, and everyone practiced it with enthusiasm. On late shifts, I sometimes had to collect large bags of trash and carry them out to a dumpster. It got … Read More