Harnessing the collective wisdom of a group

Once upon a time in a busy office, a group of employees gathered to discuss their clients’ behaviors, effective leadership styles, and what made their team unique. They aimed to generate innovative ideas to better serve their diverse clientele. As they exchanged their thoughts, they nurtured a culture of continuous learning and growth, simplifying the process of understanding their clients. … Read More

Balancing top-down and bottom-up perspectives

From the top, managing an organization looks like a game of chess—strategic, mechanical, and systematic. But down in the trenches, it’s a survival game. Employees hustle to meet demands, hit goals, and handle pressure from all sides. The pace? Relentless. The key? Balance. Understand both perspectives to navigate the pressure to do more with less. This insight is vital when … Read More

Balancing the change agent approach with organizational consistency


I’m a change agent. This approach works well when dealing with clients and their specific problems, particularly when they are seeking change. I excel at injecting just the right amount of controlled chaos into a situation to spark discussion and see where it leads. You could call it “stirring the pot.” However, applying this approach with management and leadership team … Read More