The post-decentralized organization, Part 2

paint splatter organization

The challenge with continued decentralization is that eventually there will be no organization.  It will consist of a dispersed field of points.  It’s not chaotic because I presume that people are at least connected through technology.  Does the form of a company matter if you are still getting paid?  Maybe not. If you are a leader in this organization and … Read More

Patience and grit

metal being hammered

A muddled strategic approach is cumbersome, inward-facing, and lacks a sense of urgency. An overly bureaucratic organization can kill innovation. Not looking outwards causes trends to be missed. A lack of drive can stall the best change efforts. Overcoming organizational resistance often starts with bold ideas and decisive leadership. Executing them requires patience and grit.

The future of schools


The future of schools is in the hands of the people that use them. Due to the slow rate of change people are making hard choices about what is best for their children and seeking out better options. In some cases, people are starting their own schools with the intent of reinventing or rethinking them. People that are interested in … Read More