Finding value


One company wants to attack another by expanding into its market.  The new products they create will include variants on what the company being attacked makes.  The hope is that these blended product concepts will be familiar enough to people that it will lure them away from what they are currently using. If Company A makes product X and Company … Read More

Scaling up

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Scaling up a business can be a daunting task.  What makes your business successful at one level may be different than when working at another level. Different inputs are required in order to make things work. Why do people not talk as much about “scaling down” in business?  My sense is that people and organizations only think of scaling down … Read More

Becoming history

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A hub can be defined as a central structure that connects to a periphery. Wheels have hubs as well as some buildings and organizations. A hub may also indicate a function that ties together other parts of the business or it could be the core. Remove the hub from an organization and the elements on the periphery may die. Alternatively, … Read More