Creating order in a chaotic work environment

I could tell something was off on my first day in the office. The leadership ran things just a little too fast. Everything felt impromptu, last minute, and fly by the seat of your pants. Although the work was getting done, and the executives were happy, it caused a lot of stress on the team which felt like they were … Read More

Ensuring Alignment in Company Vision, Strategy, and Culture

Corporate Alignment Strategy

At times, we come across solution proposals that may not cohere with the broader context of the organization. An instance of this occurred when I assisted a client in revamping their company’s vision, strategy, structure, and work processes. We were thrown a curveball when a new proposal surfaced, seemingly out of the blue. The client justified this by stating a … Read More

Winning the committee game

Committees can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can facilitate the approval of projects and ensure that work in the public interest is properly reviewed. On the other hand, they can also hinder progress and cause projects to stall indefinitely. Understanding the type of committee you are working with and how to navigate its intricacies is essential for … Read More