Challenges and failures

challenges and opportunities

Challenges and failures are two sides of the same coin. Challenges are opportunities to push beyond limits and reach new heights, while failures are opportunities to learn and improve. Embrace both!

Empathy, revisited


Instead of simply telling people to “put themselves in someone else’s shoes,” we should encourage them to actively seek out diverse perspectives and experiences. Empathy is not just about understanding another person’s feelings, but also recognizing the unique factors that shape their worldview.

Decision-making for growth

decision-making for growth

Decision-making styles play a crucial role in one’s journey toward success. But beware, certain styles can lead to stagnation and inhibit growth. For instance, a risk-averse approach might seem safe, but it limits potential success by shying away from bold decisions that could lead to growth. Similarly, a reactive style of decision-making makes it challenging to anticipate and capitalize on … Read More