Mixing cultures

modern architecture in vienna

Old vs new.  Traditional vs. modern.  Solid vs. void.  Light vs. dark. It’s possible for different cultures to coexist. Careful thought must be given to how they interact. How can you create mutually beneficial relationships? [Photo:  Modern addition to traditional architecture in Vienna, Austria]

Minimizing or maximizing

vines growing along path

The choices people make can either minimize or maximize their organization. At times, it’s necessary to reduce or make cuts in order to grow. Working moment to moment without seeing the big picture can stunt your growth. Looking at the choices you need to make and realizing the possible impact of those actions enables you to make the best possible choices … Read More

Growth means change

plant growing in rocks

Many people are comfortable talking about growth, but not what it takes to make it happen. Thinking differently, exploring new ideas, and working through failure is part of the process. The comfort of the known can hold you back if you aren’t at ease with not knowing what will happen next. Do you pivot?  When?  What is the financial impact?  … Read More