Take action and make changes

take action

Me: Why was I passed over for promotion? Why wasn’t I selected for the working group? Why do I feel stuck in my work? I’m not sure what to do next. I’ve had those thoughts at various times in my career. It’s part of the modern workplace experience. I felt stuck. The one thing about career stagnation that most people … Read More

In pursuit of mastery

in pursuit of mastery

When we obsess over being creative, we often forget the importance of honing our skills and improving what already exists. Mastery takes time, effort, and dedication, but it’s ultimately what sets apart the greats from the mediocre. And when we embrace constraints, we become more resourceful and innovative, finding new ways to solve problems and make a difference. Shift your … Read More

Time, time, time

challenges and opportunities

Time is the most valuable asset we possess, yet it’s the one we’re most likely to squander. When I finally learned to manage my time effectively, the world opened up before me. I gained control over my present moments and my future aspirations. No longer did I find myself rushing to complete tasks or feeling overwhelmed by the demands of … Read More