Your most important work is directly in front of you

Developing a grand vision and a long-term plan for the future is an important task for any person or organization. But, don’t forget that your most important work is that which is directly in front of you.

Crossing thresholds

A threshold can be defined as a strip of a material that forms the bottom of a doorway.  It can mark the point at which one moves from outside to inside or a more pronounced barrier to entry to such as a gate.  The word threshold can also imply that something changes once you move past a particular point. Thresholds … Read More

Stepping forward and seizing the moment

Taking responsibility and being held accountable is what it means to step forward and say yes. What keeps people from stepping up?  Barriers of various types, to include social, cultural, or economic are good places to start the list.  Peer pressure and lack of confidence should be included as well.  Simply not wanting attention of any kind is also a … Read More