Let’s make a difference and do it the right way

I spotted an opportunity to make a difference. What’s next? How will people perceive me if I speak up? We’ve done it this way for years. My boss doesn’t like to hear new ideas, but the person above him does. I tried suggesting an idea once but the people I work with didn’t like it. What’s the best way to … Read More

Cut through the noise and unearth root causes

People frequently overlook problems until they’re hit with a glaring signal. This wake-up call could come from a struggling individual, a company’s financial report, or even a mass exodus of employees from an organization. Although our reactions to these issues can be swift, we often focus on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. Unraveling the reasons behind … Read More

Lessons learned in leadership through mentoring and sharing experiences

As I regained my confidence by focusing on solving client problems, I stopped worrying about promotions or the next steps in my career. Instead, I concentrated on honing my skills and thriving in a small team environment, where I felt most comfortable and could truly be myself. My ability to think on my feet and make a positive impact on … Read More