Overcoming bottlenecks in the workplace

Bottlenecks, whether in the form of an individual or a committee, can be a major hindrance to productivity. They often cause delays, create backlogs, and can even lead to the failure of a project. In this post, we’ll explore ways to identify and break through bottlenecks, as well as how to avoid becoming one yourself. When you notice a delay … Read More

Navigating powerful responses to drive positive change

When a leader asks a question and gets a powerful response, whether positive or negative, it indicates that they have touched on a significant matter. It is crucial to pay attention to these reactions, as they can reveal the root of problems. Leaders should not shy away from negative responses, as they provide valuable insights to work with in addressing … Read More

Leveraging patterns of behavior to anticipate what’s next

Bob is a team player, always ready to collaborate on projects. Sheryl has a knack for clear communication, ensuring everyone understands her message. Nelle excels at providing constructive feedback, and turning negatives into positives. Bart coaches youth soccer on Thursdays, while Cliff prefers white papers written in a specific style. Josh, a busy senior VP, only reviews finished products that … Read More