Developing observation and listening skills for effective leadership

observation and listening

It’s essential to develop your observation and listening skills. Utilize your eyes and ears to better understand the dynamics of the workplace and make informed decisions. Trust Your Observations – While it’s important to consider other people’s opinions, rely on your own observations as well. Observe your work environment and form your own interpretations. Pay attention to how people respond … Read More

Lessons learned in leadership through mentoring and sharing experiences

As I regained my confidence by focusing on solving client problems, I stopped worrying about promotions or the next steps in my career. Instead, I concentrated on honing my skills and thriving in a small team environment, where I felt most comfortable and could truly be myself. My ability to think on my feet and make a positive impact on … Read More

A fast promotion and a hard lesson learned

I was promoted too quickly, eager to take the position as it was a step in the right direction for my career. I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go – leading a team of consultants, solving problems for clients, and liaising with CEOs. With my excellent communication skills and ability to think on my feet, I … Read More