narrative is a story or account of events or experiences. It can be real or fictitious.

The stories that people tell serve to frame and define how they see themselves and others. Narratives can span across cultures and serve to both bring people together and also divide them. They can shift over time as circumstances change or as people evolve and even lose relevance.

The sum of what you say and what you communicate on social media–including images, likes, and who one is associating with–is part of the story you are telling. Paying close attention to what people say can give you some idea of where they may be heading.

A disconnect between someone’s words and actions can cause confusion, or send mixed signals about your intent. What you say and how you say it can reinforce and magnify any actions that you take.

The best narratives are clear in form and content. They can be a powerful tool to communicate your value to others.

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