The Forest of Doubt and Fear

The Forest of Doubt and Fear is familiar to every entrepreneur. One must journey through it in order to find success. This path through the forest is not easy to find, and it is certainly not well-marked. But it exists, and if you are willing to put in the work and be open to change, you will eventually find your … Read More

Finding value


One company wants to attack another by expanding into its market.  The new products they create will include variants on what the company being attacked makes.  The hope is that these blended product concepts will be familiar enough to people that it will lure them away from what they are currently using. If Company A makes product X and Company … Read More

Good questions


You can drown in information. Without a way to define what you are seeing it may be difficult to find what you need. When the right questions are asked then answers will emerge. Instead of looking for quick answers, take the time to develop good questions.