Catch a wave

it starts now

When it comes to changing habits or routines in the workplace, the key is to ride the wave of momentum. Changing patterns is not unlike surfing – you need to work with the existing power and speed to alter the course in a direction that suits you and the greater good of the team. The key is to make slight … Read More

Capturing attention

white paper

Show me what the future will look like. Offer a vision for what could be. Talk about what may be coming next. Tell me how to get from here to there. Capturing someone’s attention can be as simple as helping them see the world from a different perspective.

Finding value


One company wants to attack another by expanding into its market.  The new products they create will include variants on what the company being attacked makes.  The hope is that these blended product concepts will be familiar enough to people that it will lure them away from what they are currently using. If Company A makes product X and Company … Read More