So, you want to be a leader? Start getting a variety of experience.

Rather than worrying about running something, your time may be better spent seeking a variety of experiences.  Get out of your comfort zone and into the field to see what kinds of problems that people are facing and how they are solving them.  Look to see how people respond to stress and accept responsibility if they are wrong. The more … Read More

It’s easy to let time slip away

It’s easy to let time slip away.  The more you become aware of how you spend your time, the more control you have over what you are going to do next.  Achieving higher levels of productivity doesn’t necessarily require one to work harder, but rather to make effective use of one’s time.  I find that when I’m doing what I … Read More

Understanding Polarization

The OED defines polarization as “division into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs.” In physics, it can mean “the action of restricting the vibrations of a transverse wave, especially light, wholly or partially to one direction” or “the action of causing something to acquire polarity.” I’ve noticed the word polarization used in several different contexts recently.  … Read More