Having relevance


Think for a moment about how you connect with another person. Maybe this is a neighbor or a coworker. How exactly do you speak to them or acknowledge them on a daily basis? Do you treat them with respect and are you concerned with their general well-being? What if you treated people online in the same manner? You may find … Read More

The growth problem


Creating growth in business is no more complicated than planting and maintaining a garden. Most importantly there is the issue of context.  Are you aware of what your environment will support?  Are you planting indoors or outdoors?  What time of year is it? Next, what are you looking to grow?  Is this the right climate and time of year to … Read More

Build your network

spider web and grass

I have seen a lot of people with the technical skills to perform a certain job or play a sport. However, becoming great involves looking beyond what you are doing, making connections with others around you, and seeing the potential. Building a network is critical. In soccer, it provides people with options to pass, move the ball, and ultimately score. … Read More