What is the post-internet age?

Is it as simple as understanding the impact that the internet has had on culture and everyday life?

For contrast, what would life without the internet look like?

How do relationships with people change in this new age?

Are people connected globally and meeting more in person?

What is the role of AR and VR technology in our relationships with people?

Will AR and VR tech affect commerce?

Does physicality and location matter?

Will hyper-local economies drive growth?

With an economy that is focused on the local scene, do we still need cars?

Could urban density increase and the suburbs become more rural?

Or will cities fragment and decentralize?

How will government evolve?

Will they become more focused and responsive to the needs of their local constituents?

Could government take a back street to corporate interests?

What is the role of large corporations in the post-internet age?

In a hyper-local economy, perhaps the focus will be on small businesses?

Will people be as busy as the are now?

Or will life slow down?

Will I still need so many devices?

Maybe life in the post-internet age will simply be about balance.  Old vs. new.  Personal vs. virtual.  Global vs local.  Connected vs. disconnected.  Multiple interests vs. a single focus.

[Photo: K. D. Snelson’s Needle Tower at the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington, DC]

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