Mixing cultures

modern architecture in vienna

Old vs new.  Traditional vs. modern.  Solid vs. void.  Light vs. dark. It’s possible for different cultures to coexist. Careful thought must be given to how they interact. How can you create mutually beneficial relationships? [Photo:  Modern addition to traditional architecture in Vienna, Austria]

Create a context for change

shadows in the sand

The positioning of a person, place, or thing for maximum impact or effect—that’s the secret to good design. Whether you are finalizing a deal, creating a new product, or shepherding change, how you go about creating an environment for your idea to thrive can make or break your project. It’s not enough to build something and let people find you.  You … Read More

20 questions on the post-internet age

needle tower hirshhorn

What is the post-internet age? Is it as simple as understanding the impact that the internet has had on culture and everyday life? For contrast, what would life without the internet look like? How do relationships with people change in this new age? Are people connected globally and meeting more in person? What is the role of AR and VR … Read More