Not replaceable

items on a shelf

It’s easy to find a replacement.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  You can just buy another one. This mindset has changed the way we see people, places, and things.  It impacts relationships. When things are replaceable then their value decreases.  We care less about them. Increasing your value involves becoming unique–and not replaceable. What are you bringing to your relationships … Read More

Process and outcome

cup of coffee

Processes are repeatable, and outcomes are generally not.  Factors may change along the way that impacts what you are able to do.  However, the steps people take can be recreated regardless of the context.  A process can also serve to bring people together and that alone can be more valuable than any amount of profit.  A process can build a … Read More

Digital tools


Understanding what people really need is the key to understanding how to advocate for them. Digital tools and processes can help you reach a large group of people very quickly, and assist in quickly analyzing data. Even after a useful sample of data has been gathered, the information can be used in multiple ways. Digital technology is a great way … Read More