Compete or collaborate

network of people

From Walter Kiechel’s The Lords of Strategy: “Once you start from the idea that the unit of competitive advantage is not necessarily the corporation, as conventionally defined … it’s like in biology, going from thinking of competition among animals to thinking of competition among genes. The generation of strategic thinking we’re now entering challenges the earlier ontological assumptions. It says that … Read More

A pleasant non-answer


A pleasant non-answer serves an interesting role in relationships between people. As a general or vague response delivered with a cheery tone or a smile, it can soften bad news.  It can keep people in the dark about what you really think.  A non-answer might also buy you some time while you figure what to do next.  There are positive … Read More

Create value and build trust

street at night

One person wears costumes that change with the seasons. Another sends me recipes and yet another leaves jars of honey on doorsteps.  I see sophisticated pictures of people in equally sophisticated homes.  I’ve also received invitations to parties at movie theaters and at local bars for clients. These are all unique ways that the realtors in my neighborhood have worked … Read More