Let’s make a difference and do it the right way

I spotted an opportunity to make a difference. What’s next? How will people perceive me if I speak up? We’ve done it this way for years. My boss doesn’t like to hear new ideas, but the person above him does. I tried suggesting an idea once but the people I work with didn’t like it. What’s the best way to … Read More

The importance of recognizing outliers and their impact

Pattern recognition is a powerful tool that we use every day, often without even realizing it. Our brains are constantly on the lookout for patterns, helping us make sense of the world around us. For instance, when we see a series of objects arranged in a certain way, we automatically interpret it as a meaningful sequence, such as a row … Read More

The “How can we make it happen?” mindset

It’s not in the budget. It’s not on the schedule. It’s not on the agenda. It’s not in the meeting minutes. It’s not in the strategic plan. It’s not an option we’re considering. If I took no for an answer, then I would have quit long ago. But I didn’t, because that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. Instead … Read More