In search of significance


Client: I just want my work to mean something, to make a difference, to make an impact. Me: How do you see your work? Do you feel you are making an impact? The most menial and routine jobs can have a large impact on people. If it’s not working for you, then re-align yourself with roles that better represent your … Read More

Unravel the organization of anything


Over the years I’ve learned that understanding structure is crucial for unraveling the organization of anything—be it our bodies, city streets, or companies. Structure serves as the backbone supporting every system. I’ve come to appreciate that structures can be diverse in nature, stemming from basic patterns such as symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, linear, clustered, centralized, or even a mix of these. … Read More

Invisible failure


Failure’s invisibility, often overshadowed by its visible consequences, is a hidden blessing. It enables us to take risks, experiment without constant scrutiny, and build resilience. Embrace failure’s unseen side to transform setbacks into growth opportunities.