Crafting a Personal Narrative: Turning Experiences into Leadership Advantages

Overcoming Stereotypes: Challenging Superficial Judgments Aspiring leaders often face the challenge of being judged on superficial traits or lack of traditional credentials. In my personal experience, I was told that I didn’t have the right background, lacking an MBA and only having a liberal arts degree in history. However, what I did possess was a vast array of experience working … Read More

Making changes as you go

Sometimes, it’s faster to change things as you go, rather than sticking to a plan you made at the start. This means your plans should always be open to changes. You don’t need to plan every little detail before you start! Finding the Balance When you’re starting something new, first brainstorm a basic plan and get some feedback. Remember, feedback … Read More

Effecting change with small steps

I don’t consider myself a natural leader, natural salesman, or a natural innovator. However, I’ve figured out how to make it work. Over time, I’ve found myself in positions of increasing authority and responsibility. Not because I’m charismatic, or have the ability to command people effectively. The reality is that I’m good at spotting what needs to be changed, and … Read More