The illusion of progress

connecting with others

The illusion of progress is a powerful thing. It can drive people to push themselves harder than they ever thought possible, in pursuit of a goal that may seem just out of reach. It can also lead to disappointment and frustration when that goal seems to slip away, no matter how hard we try. The truth is, progress is often … Read More

Understanding living systems

The world around us is made up of living systems. From the cells in our bodies to the trees in a forest, everything is connected. And, just as these systems are all interdependent, they also share certain characteristics. For example, living systems are always changing and adapting to their surroundings. They also tend to be complex, with many moving parts … Read More

Creating alignment

Creating alignment means creating a sense of agreement or understanding between people, groups, or ideas. When people or groups are aligned, they share a similar vision and are working together to achieve common goals. This can be a challenge when there are competing interests, but it’s essential for creating a cohesive team. There are many ways to create alignment, but … Read More