Not replaceable

items on a shelf

It’s easy to find a replacement.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  You can just buy another one. This mindset has changed the way we see people, places, and things.  It impacts relationships. When things are replaceable then their value decreases.  We care less about them. Increasing your value involves becoming unique–and not replaceable. What are you bringing to your relationships … Read More

Words carry meaning


Every interaction with a customer–a text, email, call, or meeting–is an opportunity to create value. How you communicate with others is just as important as what you are actually saying. Are you clear, concise, and responsive?  Do you give people space and time to respond? Words carry meaning.  Think carefully about what you are communicating.  The right choice of words at … Read More

Build your network

spider web and grass

I have seen a lot of people with the technical skills to perform a certain job or play a sport. However, becoming great involves looking beyond what you are doing, making connections with others around you, and seeing the potential. Building a network is critical. In soccer, it provides people with options to pass, move the ball, and ultimately score. … Read More