Overheard around the office:

  • Please don’t speak up as you’ll ruffle too many feathers.
  • Trust us, we’re family.
  • We just need you to put in another year to gain more experience.
  • Sorry, she is next in line for promotion, maybe next year.
  • Yeah, you will have to work on this after hours.
  • Let’s get it in the pipeline for consideration next year.
  • Consider this a learning opportunity because everyone has to pay their dues.
  • Why is she posting on LinkedIn so much? It seems like she is just showing off.
  • These anonymous surveys aren’t truly anonymous.
  • Let’s give him an award this year rather than a raise.

Leaders should foster a culture of openness and meritocracy, where employees feel valued and heard, rather than silenced or placated with vague promises and superficial recognition.

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