Holidays, birthdays, reunions, retirements, weddings, and funerals are opportunities to bring people together.  Some events occur at the same time every year and others happen as needed.  These regular, and sometimes irregular, meetings can strengthen the ties between people and especially in families.  A simple phone call or text message can be just enough to bring a member of the community into the fold.

In a corporate environment, one may find themselves faced with annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly meetings.  There may also be charity events or other volunteer opportunities to socialize with the members of your company or team.  Emails and social media can also keep you informed and in the loop with what is happening in a firm.

The absence of communication, meetings, or events can make people feel isolated and not part of the community.  Some families and companies operate this way naturally—it’s just the way they are and it’s in the DNA of the organization.  You can opt to be a part of it or not.

Rather than starving an organization’s culture with a lack of communication and personal connection to your employees and customers, nurture it.


The opportunity exists for all leaders to help get people where they need to go and to help them achieve their full potential.  A proactive approach to developing people, teams, and organizations can be profitable in ways that transcend a company’s bottom line.  This path can pay dividends in the long run as people circle back to say thanks, bring you new opportunities, or pay it forward.

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