I believe that creativity and being entrepreneurial go hand-in-hand. Generating new ideas, solutions, programs, or services involves spotting patterns, taking the initiative, and the courage to ask questions.

What holds people up from being more creative and entrepreneurial?

Often, they either aren’t given space within their organization to explore ideas or they don’t make their own time to follow their thoughts and turn ideas into action.

Creating space means making it a priority for yourself and for your employees by making it an important part of their work routine. No idea should be turned away. Ideas can be tested by setting up working groups that can serve a forum to explore an idea further and build support for the effort within the organization.

The creative and entrepreneurial spirit go hand-in-hand and are not something to be controlled. Rather, it can be shaped, guided, and channeled in different directions for maximum effect. Your role should be to guide the development of ideas, as a kind of studio master, working to bring new initiatives to life.

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