Ensuring Alignment in Company Vision, Strategy, and Culture

Corporate Alignment Strategy

At times, we come across solution proposals that may not cohere with the broader context of the organization. An instance of this occurred when I assisted a client in revamping their company’s vision, strategy, structure, and work processes. We were thrown a curveball when a new proposal surfaced, seemingly out of the blue. The client justified this by stating a … Read More

Navigating powerful responses to drive positive change

When a leader asks a question and gets a powerful response, whether positive or negative, it indicates that they have touched on a significant matter. It is crucial to pay attention to these reactions, as they can reveal the root of problems. Leaders should not shy away from negative responses, as they provide valuable insights to work with in addressing … Read More

Mastering the art of corporate politics and learning from hidden agendas

The half-smiles and nods were concerning. I didn’t receive any questions after the presentation, and people quickly left the room without engaging in the usual small talk. Hmmm. I’ve made presentations to groups of various sizes before and felt like I had a good read on people. Either the executives around the table were genuinely not interested in my proposal, … Read More