The art of subtraction

Remarkable ideas emerge when we pare down to the essentials. It’s a natural inclination for people to go in the opposite direction: piling on bells and whistles, under the impression that users want them, perhaps in an effort to make the offering more interesting. Don’t fall for that trap. The sweet spot lies in harmonizing customer desires, budgetary constraints, timelines, … Read More

A nuanced approach

bamboo mat

Not all problems can be solved with blunt force.  A softer approach enables you to be more nuanced in your solution.  It involves becoming deeply familiar with your customer.  Reaching understanding takes time and patience. Rushing into new initiatives is a great way to kick start an effort, but can be ineffective for longer-term growth and client satisfaction.

Future simple


As fast as the present seems to move, the future appears to be moving quicker. Although movement can feel like progress, being still can bring a sense of calm. Maybe the future isn’t in being busy, but rather in simplicity.