The growth problem


Creating growth in business is no more complicated than planting and maintaining a garden. Most importantly there is the issue of context.  Are you aware of what your environment will support?  Are you planting indoors or outdoors?  What time of year is it? Next, what are you looking to grow?  Is this the right climate and time of year to … Read More

Changing scales

How do you think? Moment to moment? Minute to minute? Day by day? Is your organization thinking quarterly or yearly? What happens when you focus on building a business that will last decades? The scale of time can be used to frame your view of your organization. A problem that may exist in the day-to-day viewpoint may become less important … Read More

Overcoming average

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When an organization begins to default towards the average then people get comfortable.  You have a job, you are responsible for a few things, and it becomes a sustainable lifestyle.  No need to think out of the box because that’s someone else’s job.  Maintaining what you have and protecting your turf takes precedence over moving the organization forward. Overcoming average is … Read More