It appears that the new normal in business is dynamic and emerging. People would also probably include words like, agile, lean, mindful, or innovative.

Will there ever be a point in time when it’s fashionable to be fixed, permanent, or static?

I believe that life has always been constantly moving, changing, and shifting. However, our approach to how we interface with life has evolved.

People can no longer afford to stay in one place. To survive, we must change or transform. Whether that means physically moving to another location or somehow making new connections through technology, we must create new relationships. One can’t afford to not branch out.

These relationships sustain us individually and as a society as political, social, economic, or cultural conditions change around us.

The quality of the individual connections in a network or people will impact the effectiveness of an organization. As relationships between people shift, grow, or evolve, it’s important to keep your values in mind.

This will help keep one grounded when change begins to accelerate.

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