The Industrial Revolution, Revisited: The Transformation of Work

The Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century fundamentally changed the world. It transformed the production of goods from something done by an individual in the home, to something done at a massive scale in a factory. It revolutionized transportation, communication, and banking; improved standards of living; and forever altered our expectations with regard to the accessibility of goods. But … Read More

On being agile

person jumping

Being agile starts with simply having an exploratory mindset. If you are curious about the world, how and why things happen, and what you can do to affect change, then dealing with new conditions should not be a surprise. Handling adversity is easier when your outlook focused on potential and what could be. Not worrying too much about the past and being able … Read More


maze walls

Boundaries can exist physically as well as mentally.  Removing them can be as easy as shifting your perspective or as hard as forcing your way through.  The best approach depends on what needs to be accomplished. Dissolving a boundary is different and involves developing understanding.