Yesterday was a blur. And so was the day before. Now that you mention it, so was last year.

Where did the time go?

Time didn’t go anywhere, but you did.

Waking up and living in the same routine day in and day out is easy. When I start to forget what I’ve done or why I’m doing something, then I know it’s time for a change. Maybe I take a different route to the office, start working on the next big project, get up (even) earlier, or take time off. I find that breaking my pattern is the best way to make me more aware of what I’m doing.

Constantly breaking patterns and routines and staying consistently aware has helped me stay engaged and productive. Everything feels new because I hit what I’ve been doing for years from a different perspective.

Most of the time, just a subtle shift is all it takes for people to see something in a new light.

In a society where we are surrounded by easier ways out and sophisticated digital tools, it is important to remain consciously aware of how you move through life moment to moment.

Knowing how and why we choose to do things puts people in a position to choose and direct how they are going to interface with others and technology–and most importantly remain in control of their future.

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