Creating growth in business is no more complicated than planting and maintaining a garden.

Most importantly there is the issue of context.  Are you aware of what your environment will support?  Are you planting indoors or outdoors?  What time of year is it?

Next, what are you looking to grow?  Is this the right climate and time of year to be planting what you want?

Seeds must be placed in the ground at a certain depth and covered with a thin layer of soil.  Access to a specific amount of shade, sun, or water is usually required.  It’s not enough to plant and forget.

Once a plant begins to emerge from the ground there is a period of time before you are able to pick it.

Stimulating growth in business is similar.  You need a sense of the market and what customers need.  Be willing to adapt to the conditions in a local environment.  What worked in one place and time may not translate into success someplace else.  Once the contact with customers has been made then be aware that it may take time before they bear fruit.  Customers need to be handled with care.

It’s easy to throw around big growth goals, but you need to be aware of whether or not your current environment and way of doing business can support that kind of growth.  If not, then you need to figure out where you need to be.

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