When I first stepped into a leadership role, I thought my job was to give orders, just as I had seen others do. That was the norm: leaders direct, followers execute.

However, as time went on, I started to see there was another side to leading. Coaching a youth soccer team was the turning point for me. During this experience, I realized leadership wasn’t solely about exerting control—it was about energizing people and bringing a creative spirit to every interaction.

These two leadership styles lead us down remarkably different paths. Sticking to command and control might maintain the status quo, but instilling enthusiasm and possibility can spark real change and growth.

This mindset challenges the traditional views of commanding authority and opens up a dialogue for rethinking the essence of leadership and its effects. This isn’t just about arranging the external pieces—it’s about diving into the core of how we respond to and connect with others.

In embracing this approach, your influence goes beyond making minor adjustments to cope with the world. You start actively shaping the environment to reflect not only your own aspirations but, more importantly, to inspire and equip others to step up, lead, and innovate.

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