Think for a moment about how you connect with another person. Maybe this is a neighbor or a coworker. How exactly do you speak to them or acknowledge them on a daily basis? Do you treat them with respect and are you concerned with their general well-being?

What if you treated people online in the same manner? You may find that you might start to develop productive relationships or at least get vital feedback on your work. Not all communications will result in a sale or growth of your fan base. You may find that over time your value will grow naturally and if you are selling something, the work will tend to flow your way.

I frequently get requests to check out this or that product or to buy one service or another from a person or a company. But, I generally don’t get any further than looking at their website because I don’t have a real connection to the person giving me the pitch. It’s all too impersonal, regardless of their reputation. I want to talk to someone and hear what they have to say about their work.

If you are trying to make an impact in the digital economy then focus on how you connect to others. With a network of quality connections, both physical and virtual, you will have built a foundation for future growth, innovation, and most importantly, relevance.

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