Data in isolation is just data, but when surrounded by a story or a narrative then another layer of meaning has been added that makes this information relevant to others.

A building separated from its site is just assemblage of construction materials in an arrangement that serves the needs of its inhabitants.

A service that is created without the consideration of the needs of the customer has a good chance of not being entirely effective.

A new product created in isolation from its users, or without critical feedback from fellow designers, may end up as folly.

The more that you understand what’s happening around you, the more that you will be able to perceive what needs to be done.  The more you can take in information from adjacent vantage points, the greater the chances you will have for making important connections and linkages between elements.  These elements are the foundation of future collaborations or new opportunities.

Bonds can strengthen over time, but the initial connections can be the toughest to make.  Tying a design together and imbuing it with meaning starts from the very first step in the design process:  making sense of a place.

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