An intervention, in a design sense, is something that fits into or complements a landscape or a specific context.  This context can be nature, an office environment, or the resolution of a customer’s problem.  As an intervention, it is implied that one has considered where that action will take place and respect it accordingly.

This does not mean that you copy what’s going on around it or make it blend in, but rather work to make cultural references to it.  The forms that you observe around you offer hints or clues as to what you should do next.  It can be literal, but it is often not.  This makes people feel, on a subconscious level, as though a new product or service fits in or has something to do with what is happening around it.  A successful intervention has strong ties to its setting.

A solution is finite and feels like the end, even though people perceive that life will keep on moving.

Your actions to solve the problem of a client will have more relevance and staying power if what you create is uniquely tied to the context in which it will reside.

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