The word glocal (global + local) can be described a number of ways: digitally connected with people around the world and working to build one’s local environment; or the integration of global and local knowledge. I have also seen it described as applying global goals and direction to local ecosystems. Global awareness and local focus is the way that I like to define glocal.

This is an important concept to understand because as the tide of globalization recedes, what will be left is a global web of interconnected nodes. The nodes are the towns and cities of the world that are now connected like never before via the Internet and social media applications.

Companies that will be successful in this kind of ecosystem need to develop strong local roots–and maintain awareness of what other nodes on the web are doing. This will serve as the foundation for future growth and development because people tend to develop strong emotional ties to what is going on around them.

These emotional ties are rooted in what a company means to someone. Can a person comprehend what someone stands for and what their purpose is? Do people know what value you provide?

If not, you may not be doing enough outreach so that people understand who you are and what you can provide. Start building relationships with others while keeping the big picture in mind.

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