Words carry meaning


Every interaction with a customer–a text, email, call, or meeting–is an opportunity to create value. How you communicate with others is just as important as what you are actually saying. Are you clear, concise, and responsive?  Do you give people space and time to respond? Words carry meaning.  Think carefully about what you are communicating.  The right choice of words at … Read More

Keep it simple

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We’re living in a time where people are driven to make things more complicated than they need to be. Although the internet has enabled people to have a kind of digital freedom, many are now in the business of filling that void with an enormous quantity of content. Most of it would be better if people took the time to … Read More

Develop your soft skills

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In a world where traditional centers of power and influence are being broken down or no longer have meaning for people, leaders are left with the difficult task of guiding the way to or even creating the new reality. As new forms of business or technology emerge, previously relevant organizations will either dissolve or adapt. The key to survival will … Read More