A lot of people talk about design and innovation, but fewer can translate it into economic value in the form of a new product or service.

Living in the realm of ideas is very comfortable. The impressions of what could be are constantly moving, shifting, fading in and out, or blending and combining with other ideas. Some thoughts may crystallize and harden as you start to make connections between that thought and a real problem.

When I talk to people that come to me with any kind of idea, I talk to them about focus. You need to tell me the details. This will serve to define your thoughts, further define your problem, and slowly bring your idea to life.

If people are still having trouble giving me the details, then I give them one more piece of advice to ponder. This usually works to help people get moving. But, sometimes it does not and the idea fades away.

Tell me how you can make money tomorrow.

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