Ebb and flow. Expansion and contraction. Day and night. Light and Dark.

Patterns define our lives.

Annual occurrences such as the four seasons, anniversaries, birthdays, weather phenomena, and annual political, economic, or sporting events provide more depth and substance to what people view as existence.

As waveforms, patterns dissipate over time and can be an opportunity for growth when synchronized with another pattern of the same frequency.

Creating a pattern starts with connecting the dots.

When you have found a series of connections that work between people, then experiment with applying that system of connections to other groups of people, industries, or markets. Start small and repeat until you find something that works.

Strive to make a pattern, not a stamp.


Patterns create a common bond between people. Change the pattern and you can affect how people interact. In time, patterns become traditions, which can become the foundation of a new culture.

[Photo:  Wooden structure in a river.]

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