Mixing cultures

modern architecture in vienna

Old vs new.  Traditional vs. modern.  Solid vs. void.  Light vs. dark. It’s possible for different cultures to coexist. Careful thought must be given to how they interact. How can you create mutually beneficial relationships? [Photo:  Modern addition to traditional architecture in Vienna, Austria]

The people you serve

light in restaurant

Take a look at the image in this post. This light fixture was designed.  So was the wall, window, and building in the background.  There’s not a lot in the man-made world that wasn’t given careful thought–for better or for worse.  I happen to like the way this fixture looks and think it works well in this restaurant where I … Read More

How do you make money?

whiteboard notes startup

A lot of people talk about design and innovation, but fewer can translate it into economic value in the form of a new product or service. Living in the realm of ideas is very comfortable. The impressions of what could be are constantly moving, shifting, fading in and out, or blending and combining with other ideas. Some thoughts may crystallize and harden … Read More