Dysfunction in families, businesses, and government can occur because people stop caring about what they are doing.

Maybe people feel that their voices aren’t being heard or that no one respects them or their opinions. Whatever the case, it leads to people losing interest in the real purpose of the organization. A separate condition, but related to this, is that I often find a lot of people managing, but no one leading.

And then someone decides that an organization is in need of change.

Good ideas are socialized, stakeholders are engaged, and an agenda is pushed. A new vision for the future is unveiled… but nobody cares.

How can that be?

Because you haven’t solved the real problem. The people in the organization actually doing the work or the customers that are using your services haven’t been fully considered.

The question for the people driving change is “what do you care about?” Does the answer to this question resonate with your employees and customers? If not, you are out of touch with them.

[Photo: Stained concrete or modern art?]

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