When the lights go off

It can be daunting to be suddenly thrust into a leadership position. As you work to figure out what to do next, it can feel like someone turned the lights off on you as you look for clues for your next move.  There may be a feeling of disorientation and an overwhelming sense of being alone as the darkness slams … Read More

Creativity: Blending, breaking, bending

Blending, breaking, bending is how creativity grows, according to David Eagleman at Stanford University. Curiously, a quick internet search of blending, breaking, bending turned up the following: Art wakes you up: Bending, blending and breaking your way out of the daily doldrums  (Culture Map Houston) Repetition Leads to Brain Pruning – Your Message Might Be a Lullaby  (Management Craft) Bending, … Read More

Disney is getting into the blockchain business

Through a spinoff company named Dragonchain, Disney has entered the blockchain technology business.  It joins companies such as Aeternity, ContentKid, Dfinity, Chain of Things, Flowchain, Decissio, and Cognate among others. What does Dragonchain do?  Nat Levy, writing in GeekWire, said: Dragonchain is made up of three core business arms. The first is a nonprofit established last year after Disney made … Read More