Create a context for change

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The positioning of a person, place, or thing for maximum impact or effect—that’s the secret to good design. Whether you are finalizing a deal, creating a new product, or shepherding change, how you go about creating an environment for your idea to thrive can make or break your project. It’s not enough to build something and let people find you.  You … Read More

The importance of traditions

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Traditions come in many forms and they vary by culture, organization, family, and individual.  They can mark the passage of time (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter) or refer to the way something is done (exchange of gifts, pledging to improve something in the new year).  Traditions can also be passed down over generations and evolve over time. They are important because … Read More

The next best version


A change of state is the physical process where matter moves from one state to another. Examples of such changes include melting, freezing, evaporation/boiling, condensation, sublimation, and deposition. Shifting temperatures and increased pressure are the usual causes of this kind of phase change in matter. People and organizations can also change their state when subjected to stress. Typical causes include, but are not … Read More