Steady work is a luxury.  The reality is that it tends to ebb and flow.  Depending on your industry, business follows a pattern throughout the year when people are spending money and when they are not.  Within this annual cycle, there are weeks and days that tend to be more profitable than others.

This requires business owners to plan ahead for when work is slow and make the most of when it is profitable.  Not all downtime is negative.  Periods of inactivity or a slower pace can be used to regroup, develop new products, or fine-tune existing offerings.

Stopping your work altogether as you wait for the next prospect to come along is a shortsighted approach to doing business.  Learning to take your foot off the gas periodically to coast, even when money is flowing in, is a good way to take a moment to step back, see the big picture, and figure out what’s coming next.  You don’t necessarily need to wait for work to slow down to do this.

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