A hub can be defined as a central structure that connects to a periphery. Wheels have hubs as well as some buildings and organizations. A hub may also indicate a function that ties together other parts of the business or it could be the core.

Remove the hub from an organization and the elements on the periphery may die. Alternatively, if the hub becomes infected (an organ in the body), begins to rot (apple core), or starts to deteriorate (city) then what’s connected to the center may be affected. It’s difficult to replace the hub unless another part of the system takes over this role entirely. Viewed as a system, what affects a part can have an impact on the whole.

With Facebook and other social media companies under pressure over privacy concerns, how will this affect the Silicon Valley ecosystem? As a major hub for the technology industry, what would replace it if the center of gravity shifted to another part of the country?

Silicon Valley would not likely disappear, but it would evolve into something new. The new form may still contain aspects of the old system, but the core functions would be watered down relative to what happened in the past.  Rome never disappeared but it’s a shell of its former self.

Working through change can be easy if you are willing to adapt.  Otherwise, you’ll be history.

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