Networking is exhausting.

Talking to someone in an effort to establish a connection with them—especially if they don’t want to talk to you—can be a tricky proposition. Networking is exhausting, but a necessary part of life. How it is done is the problem.

It’s especially hard trying to connect with people on social media. And I think I’m over it and I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’m going let my network grow organically and work to make quality contacts when the opportunity presents itself.

Looking back at my previous year on social media, my most valuable connections have been made when I’ve been taking it slow. Trying to connect too quickly brought an onslaught of people that wanted to connect back and then try to sell me something.

How about we talk first, get to know each other, and then try to figure out what we can do for each other, if anything? Once I trust you, then I might be in a position to hear more about what you are trying to sell.

With everyone on LinkedIn and Twitter pushing their agenda and products, they all start to sound the same.

I find myself now gravitating towards people that aren’t saying anything.

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