If the internet turned off today would your business survive?  Communication may be difficult.  Processing orders might be challenging if you need to ship products.  You may not be able to reach your products at all.  Coordinating with remote members of your team may become impossible.  I’m speculating that parts of the economy would cease to exist.

Could you survive using a telephone (land-line or cell) and face to face contact?  If your business had strong roots in your local economy then it might have a chance.  A business that was built locally before expanding digitally would have a better chance of survival than one that took the opposite approach.  Why?  Because the business was tested and developed with real people and real conversations.  It’s not easy to sell someone when speaking in person without a strong offering and the service to back it up.

Will the internet turn off?  It’s not likely.  But thinking about that possibility can help you focus on how your business would be affected.  It may also offer clues about what you may need to do differently in the future to secure additional sources of revenue.  Thinking globally and acting locally takes on new meaning.

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