The future of work is no work.  It’s play.

The future of design is no design. Everyone understands that everything has a time and place.

The future of branding is no branding. Brands will become part of the background and they won’t fight for our attention.

The future of technology is low-tech. Minimize our relationship with tools and maximize human contact.

The future of mediocrity is strong if we don’t challenge the status quo.

The future of social media is also strong as long as people find value in it. What is the value of all the options that we have to connect.

The future of multi-tasking is keeping it simple and staying focused.

The future of the environment is actively figuring out how we can alter it to create a space suitable for human productivity. This kind of thinking will hopefully expand to the ecosystem level of thinking. I didn’t say this was the right way to approach this, though.

The future of managing others is self-organization and self-supervision. Leaders are already becoming facilitators and will fade further into the background. Values will drive organizations forward.

The future of business is tricky. Keep an eye on what’s happening in the film and music industry for how the projects of the future will be conceived and executed. People will come together to work on a project then disband when it is completed.

The future of staying continually competitive will be simplicity and working locally.

[Photo: Blue sky at Rehobeth Beach, Delaware]

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