Through a spinoff company named Dragonchain, Disney has entered the blockchain technology business.  It joins companies such as Aeternity, ContentKid, Dfinity, Chain of Things, Flowchain, Decissio, and Cognate among others.

What does Dragonchain do?  Nat Levy, writing in GeekWire, said:

Dragonchain is made up of three core business arms. The first is a nonprofit established last year after Disney made the decision to make the technology open source. The second is an incubator to encourage startups to get into blockchain, and it gives them access to experts in cryptocurrencies, economics, developers and more. Third is a commercial business, seeking to build products with a “hybrid blockchain approach” for enterprises that protects their sensitive data.

And, specifically:

…its platform makes it easier to protect sensitive information such as HIPPA records or financials. Dragonchain is a spinout of Disney, which was looking to build a secure asset management system across its variety of businesses, everything from animation to cruise lines.

On one level, Dragonchain appears as a means for Disney to take charge of quickly evolving technology and to deploy it on their own systems, on their own terms.  They’ll control the technology as it evolves.

New to blockchain?  This is a good place to start:

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