Building a successful business ecosystem is dependent upon unifying all aspects of an organization.

The vision of the leader serves as the guiding force as a company develops over time. Information, materials, products, and services need to flow easily from point to point or from person to person across an organization’s network. Friction impedes flow. Disgruntled or disillusioned employees, ineffective communications methods, or inefficient production methods could all contribute to system stress.

Locating and fixing the specific points in a system where problems are occurring can be a tough job, especially since this usually involves working with people.

However, real progress is made when connections and relationships across an entire network are strengthened.

It starts with having respect for others and viewing everyone in their organization as a customer–not just the end user. For me, I simply want to help someone get where they need to go.

I have found that if I can create strong bonds across all members of a community, then this will translate into a more profitable relationship for all involved.

[Photo:  A strong structure at Anacostia Park]

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