“Wait, you can’t do that!”

“Well, I just did it. I’ll ask for forgiveness later.”

Making changes on the fly is tough.

It could be a split-second decision to make a key pass or to deviate from the coach’s directions.

It could be making a call in front of a client that might be the difference between winning the next contract or not.

It could be providing customer service that’s above and beyond company policy.

Decisions like this are often made in the moment when you feel that you are aligned with the end goal but feel that there’s a better way. Maybe a more effective way that creates a win-win for more than just you or the customer or the team or the company. It just feels right.

Sure, there’s always risk involved. You might get benched or in trouble with the company. But the risk is worth it. Because when you make a decision that’s aligned with your values and the end goal, it’s not just about you anymore. It’s about something bigger than yourself.

And that’s when magic happens.

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