Technology can help you see further.  The outer reaches of the solar system and objects light-years away have been pulled closer.  It can also help us see inside our bodies and into the earth.  What was once hidden is now available to see.

Gathering information has never been so easy, particularly, with the advent of the internet.  Connected devices pull information from users and the surrounding environment.  It can give people insight into their habits and provide companies with information about customer behavior.  Technology has enabled people to change their lifestyles to become more health conscious as well.

People rely on vehicles to get them where they need to go.  Self-driving cars are poised to transform the transportation industry.

Robots are now performing routine surgical procedures on people and assembling products.  They have been designed to assist people with routine tasks that may have certain risks for people.

For all of the transformative power that technology has brought to people, it still can’t make decisions for us.  Access to more information and faster vehicles is useful, but getting to that point is decided by people.  Not only by the people that the technology but also by those who decide to use it.  Technology can help the human race evolve to become something greater than it is today, but people have to decide for themselves it’s something that they want to do.

It’s easier to give control over to the concept of technology with the hope that it will solve all of our problems.  The reality is that we need to decide to create the change ourselves first.

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