Taking responsibility and being held accountable is what it means to step forward and say yes.

What keeps people from stepping up?  Barriers of various types, to include social, cultural, or economic are good places to start the list.  Peer pressure and lack of confidence should be included as well.  Simply not wanting attention of any kind is also a factor.

How do you break through to commit to some kind of action?  Don’t worry about what others think. Play the long game, but start small and take consistent action now.  Accept responsibility and be willing to fail.  Look for others that are also willing to put themselves out there and see how they do it.

Once you start, now what?  Keep pushing and working to take your idea through to completion or as far as you can take it.  You have to be willing to end up in places that you do not expect.  Following through with what you start means exploring places you’ve never seen and taking chances on things with which you are not familiar.

Whether you know want you want to achieve or not, you have to ready to accept whatever comes your way, even if it doesn’t make sense.  Why?  Because this is where the opportunities lie.

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