The call is a chance, a fleeting glimpse of the future, that can disappear in an instant.

It can be a vision, thought, sound, or smell, that stimulates a connection in your mind, and for a brief moment, shows what could be.

Whether or not you act on that opportunity is up to you.  It’s often here for a moment and then gone in the next.  Opportunities rise and fall like waves in the ocean and whether or not you catch one is a matter of timing, patience, and, of course, skill.

This is why it is important to focus.  Some people hear the call and think it to be something else, perhaps not meant for them.  Others may think that they don’t have it in them.  People tuned into the sound will know it for what it is—the sign that there is more to come.  This world has more to offer.

Hearing the call is a matter of being able to separate the signal from the noise..  Once you get tuned into what you need to hear then the sound will become stronger and at times could be overwhelming, permeating the space around you.

Hearing a call to action is less about finding something, but rather more about being open to receive it.

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